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Established 10 years ago , Ultimate Mobile Wheel and Tire began servicing Commercial fleets and residential customers with quality tire and wheel replacement services. Since then we have risen to become one of the most trusted names in Phoenix when it comes to tire and wheels.


Our company was built on a few key principals that still hold true to this day. We always strive to provide the customer with the best experience and best price at time of installation or repair. Not only do we provide a quality service, we also provide tires and wheels at a better price than local tire shops or dealerships. Many of our customers are downright shocked at the prices for a complete set of tires fully installed.


Besides offering competent and trustworthy service, which is hard to come by in the auto industry. We also bring the entire mobile tire shop to your front door. Ultimate Mobile Wheel and Tire’s service vehicles come completely ready with all of the tools and equipment to properly install your tires and balance them at your location. Don’t wait in line let the shop come to your at your business or home. We make mobile wheel replacement Scottsdale a breeze.


We make getting new tires easy affordable and convenient! Call Today   (480)447-2211


Wheels and Tires Scottsdale

 We Service all Makes and Models and Carry all brands even Volvo’s


The Mobile Wheel Replacement Scottsdale Process

1.Mobile Wheel Replacement Scottsdale ( Step 1 )

Call or email us to set up a service appointment time. If you are unsure as to which tires you will need for your car, RV, Truck, Van or Fleet vehicles, don’t worry, our staff of experienced and certified professionals will provide you with guidance and advice on selecting which brand will best suit your driving style. Our staff is sure to provide you with many different solutions that will fit your budget.


2.Mobile Wheel Replacement Scottsdale ( Step 2 )

We then will provide you with a no nonsense quote with your out the door price for everything. Best part about Ultimate is you won’t get any surprise charges, hidden trip fees, disposal fees. Once you have selected your tires and found a price you like. We are on our way. The entire quote process is pain free and done quickly


3.Mobile Wheel Replacement Scottsdale ( Step 3 )

It usually takes us anywhere from 15 minutes to 30 minutes for us to arrive depending on your location if your seeking mobile wheel replacement Scottsdale we will arive even faster, in general though we are to your location in 30 minutes or less. Once we arrive it will take us anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour to complete replacing a set of 4 tires. That includes balancing and mounting


Great and Efficient Mobile Wheel Repairs


Wheels and Tires Scottsdale


Emergency Mobile Wheel Replacement Scottsdale


Emergency mobile wheel replacement Scottsdale is one of our newer services. If you find yourself in a situation where your stuck somewhere with a blowout or busted sidewall and no spare to speak of, have no fear. We now offer emergency service to customers in Scottsdale and the rest of the valley. Having a tow truck come tow you is costly, who wants to pay for mileage. Don’t treat the symptoms, treat the problem. Simply call our service line tell us your location and what type of tire and size you need and we will be to you as quick as possible. It’s OK if you don’t know what type of tire or size it is our customer service team will be able to help you with that


Perhaps a flat tire isn’t what ails your car, If you have damaged the actual wheel or rim we can help with that too. Driving on damaged wheels or rims can turn into a serious problem with long term effects on the car and the resale value. If you are driving around and you hear a loud howling noise coming from your car its Mobile Wheel Replacement Scottsdale time. Brand new wheels in most cases go from 2000-3000 $, save time and money by having them replaced or repaired by Ultimate Mobile Wheel and Tire.



 Wheels and Tires Scottsdale

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 We make getting new tires easy affordable and convenient! Call Today  (480)447-2211

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